How can individuals work toward making a whole?  How can that kind of mobilization not lead to the individual merely fading into the mass/crowd of fragmented souls?

To be held from December 2-3, 2013 at the following venues in Negros:  Museo Negrense de la Salle, University of St. La Salle and The Ruins (Talisay) (day 1), and Negros Museum/Orange Gallery (day 2), BS1 Talks:  Art Education and Curation:  Activating Spaces for Community Engagement begins with a day-long series of roundtables on such matters as broadened notions of art and learning, activating community imagination, modes of collaboration and self-education, and the engagement of publics from within and outside institutions such as schools and museums; this is to be then capped by a free screening of eminent fillmmakers Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes at The Ruins, Talisay; with day 2 consisting of video marathon screenings at Negros Museum, and artists’ talks at Orange Gallery.  BS1 Talks in Bacolod seeks to deliberately explore the intersections between art practice and art education and curation as these are seen as crucial to the birthing of creative ideas that might allow us to collectively rise from the challenging socio-physical conditions we find amongst the communities we presently work within. 

The event is particularly designed to tend to the needs of artists, educators and cultural workers who wish to squarely situate their work within public domains that make for productive exchange between the makers of art, critical advocates of culture, and audiences who may not initially be inclined to look at art as productive enterprise.  We are pleased to inform you that all our venue sponsors have generously waived costs attendant to realizing this project thus allowing us to provide this opportunity for you to participate without charge.  Meals throughout these days may be taken in nearby points of interest which we could detail to you when you come and join us at USLS on December 2, 2013.  We do hope to see you on these two conference days, counting on you to actively engage those emergent as well as recognized voices specifically coming to share from their rich trove of experiences coming out of years of working on the ground across the country often in the most trying of circumstances. 

There is much to learn from each other and we are honoured to play a part in making this encounter happen with you in attendance.  Please do email back via so that we might include you in our pre-event headcount.  Do indicate “Participating in BS1 Talks, Negros” in the subject line.

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